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Bayaan Academy recruits parents and students who fully embrace the vision and mission of the school and whose interest in and love for Qur’an and Arabic to Understand Qur’an are just as strong, if not stronger, than their desire to excel in the core academic subjects.

Prospective parents and students are required to visit Bayaan Academy during the year prior to their enrollment to see the school in action, and students are required to spend a full day at the school attending classes and being evaluated by both the academic and the Hifdh teachers. Their skills’ mastery, maturity levels, social skills, character and dedication to learning are all assessed during this visit.

If the teachers and administrators feel that the students will be a good fit at Bayaan Academy, even if they are not quite at the required mastery levels, they are administered the grade-appropriate standardized tests in May and are required to attend the Bayaan Academy Summer Program, a five-week program required of all Bayaan Academy students during which Qur’an and Arabic are the main focus, but when Writing Skills are also reinforced.

If the standardized tests identified certain areas of weakness, an academic program is set up for the students to complete over the summer, and they are re-assessed at the end of the summer. Prospective students are also assigned the summer reading that is assigned to the Bayaan Academy students and are required to complete all assignments related to those readings. Final admission decisions are made at the end of the Summer Program.

Throughout this thorough admissions’ process, administrators are in consistent communication with the parents to ensure that they are clearly aware of the requirements and expectations of Bayaan Academy, and that they are willing to support and meet them. One of the keys to students’ success at any school is having the full support of the parents; it is even more important at Bayaan Academy where expectations in Qur’an, Arabic and Academics are very high.

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    If parents/legal guardians feel that Bayaan Academy and its programs would be a good fit for their children, they should complete the online application. Unless there is a custody document stating otherwise, both parents/legal guardians must be in agreement that a student is applying for admission to Bayaan Academy in order for the Application for Admission to be processed.

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    Once the application is reviewed by Bayaan Academy’s administrators, the parents/legal guardians will be contacted, and more information about Bayaan Academy’s programs will be discussed.

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    The parents/legal guardians must have their children evaluated by Ahlul-Qur’an Academy’s staff. If a need is found, Ahlul-Qur’an may require that the children enroll in their programs to prepare them for Bayaan Academy’s programs.

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    Bayaan Academy will then schedule a full-day visit for the prospective students. During the visit, the prospective students will be evaluated and assessed; they will meet with the administrators; and the administrators will meet with the parents.  Also, at the time of the visit, parents must submit copies of the latest report cards, standardized test scores, and any other pertinent academic or behavior information.

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    By the end of May, parents will receive a letter from Bayaan Academy with one of the following decisions:

    a. Accepted for the Coming Year

    b. Accepted for the Coming Year Pending Successful Completion of the Summer Program

    c. Not Accepted due to a Lack of Compatibility between the Student’s Needs/Abilities and the School’s Programs/Expectations

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    Prospective students applying to Kindergarten to Gr. 10 must attend the Summer Program.

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    Final Admission decision letters will be mailed to all parents/legal guardians at the end of the Summer Program.