Meet the Campus Director at Morris Bridge 

Br. Ryan Fahey is – Campus Director at Bayaan Academy Morris Bridge

My name is Ryan Fahey. I was born in Boulder, Colorado but I grew up on the East Coast of Florida. I hold bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and International Studies from the University of South Florida. I am married and have two young daughters. My eldest daughter attends pre-K at Bayaan Academy. 

Upon graduating, I began working with Sr. Magda at American Youth Academy where I taught history and social studies. From there, I traveled abroad to work in the humanitarian sector. I lived and worked in Southern Turkey managing a field office where we implemented cross-border humanitarian projects for internally displaced Syrians affected by the conflict. I had the privilege of working alongside UN agencies to design and implement life-saving humanitarian projects such as mobile medical clinics, food baskets, winter heating, shelter kits, and hygiene baskets.

I did very well in the humanitarian sector, but three years in the field in close proximity to the Syrian conflict took a toll on my family. I decided to take some time off to pursue Learning the Arabic language, in hopes of better understanding my faith.

I spent six months studying Arabic in Amman, Jordan before traveling to Cairo, Egypt to continue my studies. I stayed in Cairo for a year and a half. My intention was to continue studying Arabic and Islamic sciences for several more years in Cairo, but Allah SWT had a different plan. My family and I left Egypt and returned to the United States during the COVID-19 crisis. 

I had always hoped to return to working with Islamic schools in some capacity. When things became uncertain in Egypt, I rekindled contact with Sr. Magda, and she encouraged me to return to America and assured me that I could continue my studies in America while simultaneously making a difference in our community.

I’m not a scholar or an imam. I’m still a student of knowledge. Frankly, I’m not much different than our students at Bayaan. I’m studying basic Arabic with the intention of understanding the Qur’an, Aqeedah, and the fundamentals of fiqh. Like our students, I still have many years of study ahead of me. 

I am dedicated to serving our Lord, and I am very excited to be a part of the Bayaan team. I pray that I can be a leader who our students can trust and relate to. 

-Br Ryan Fahey