Q1: Is Bayaan Academy going to expand its grade levels in the future?

A: Insha’Allah, for the 2019-2020 school year, Bayaan Academy will offer PreK to Gr.9 and will add one grade level each year thereafter.

Q2: How can I be assured that my child will be getting a high-quality education?

A: Each of Bayaan Academy’s administrators has at least 25 years of experience in education. Bayaan Academy’s faculty is made up of extremely well-trained and experienced teachers.

Q3: How will academic mastery be determined at the end of the year for each student?

A: Each student in Gr. 3 and up will take the CTP-4 standardized test online at the end of the year. After examining the results, each student’s areas of strength and weakness will be identified, and strategies will be developed accordingly for the following year and, possibly, the summer. Students in PreK – Gr. 2 are tested on the CPAA in the Fall, Winter and Spring to ensure that they are meeting and/or exceeding the standards for their grade levels

Q4: My son is starting Middle school. Should I be concerned that there is not a fully-equipped Science Lab at Bayaan Academy?

A: Hands-on experiences in Science will be provided for all students, whether they are in elementary school or in middle school.

Q5: Is financial assistance available?

A: For students who qualify, Bayaan Academy accepts SUFS and McKay scholarship funding. For more information about the SUFS scholarship and to check eligibility, please go to: https://www.stepupforstudents.org/for-parents/income-based/how-the-scholarship-works/ . For more information about the McKay Scholarship, please go to: http://www.fldoe.org/schools/school-choice/parent-resources/

Q6: Is Bayaan Academy recognized by the State of Florida Department of Education?

A: Yes, please visit the FLDOE web-site for the Directory of Private Schools in Florida