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Br. Hasan Khan

Campus Director at Bayaan Academy Temple Terrace

Brother Hasan Khan is the Campus Director at Bayaan Academy Temple Terrace who watches over the staff and students and ensures that daily procedures are carried out. The safety of the school, as well as the positive morale, are among his priorities as Director.

Br. Hasan truly believes in Bayaan’s mission; “ To foster a culture of treating our students as assets, by providing appropriate measures for their mental, physical and spiritual growth,” and will work to accomplish this to the best of his ability.

Br. Hasan has worked on all levels of the academic spectrum, from elementary students to high school. He has a nurturing heart when it comes to the younger ones and serves as a mentor/role model for the upper elementary students.

Br. Hasan has taught at 3 of the Islamic Schools in Tampa and has greatly benefited from the experiences at each institution.

Br. Hasan hold a bachelor’s degree in Business/Marketing from the University of South Florida and has completed some Islamic Studies coursework from the Institute of Islamic Education in Elgin, Illinois.