August 26, 2019

Uniform Requirements

Bayaan Academy Uniform & Dress Code 2019-2020

General Expectations

Every student is expected to be neat and clean. Being neat and clean includes having clean and well-groomed hair; clean and trimmed fingernails; clean teeth; and clean and unwrinkled clothing. Every student is also expected to wear the Bayaan Academy uniform or abide by the Bayaan Academy dress code at all times, as long as they are on school campus or are at any school event. Students not willing to follow said policies, including dress code, will be asked to no longer participate.

Parents and/or students may contact the Campus Director with questions about the uniform and dress code policy.

The following are NOT allowed at any time for any of the grade levels, even on Picture Days: High Heel Shoes; Jeans; Shorts; Stretch Pants; Leggings; Tights & Make-Up (including kohl, clear nail polish, etc.)

Boys and Girls are free to mix and match their uniform with the following colors: Navy Blue, Khaki, and White.


Students have the option of wearing Bayaan Academy sweatshirts/hoodies OR plain gray or navy sweatshirts and/or hoodies. Sweatshirts/hoodies with logos or designs will not be allowed. All outerwear, such as coats, hats, boots and gloves should be labeled with a permanent marker, so that owner of such items can be identified easily.

PreK – Gr. 5

Boys Regular Uniform (PreK – Gr. 5)

  • Khaki or Navy Pants (plain or pleated, no joggers) & Solid Color Navy or White Polo Shirts

Girls Regular Uniform (PreK – Gr. 5):

  • Khaki or Navy Pants (Tights and leggings are not allowed)
  • Solid Color Navy or White Polo Shirts or Polo Dresses – Must be long sleeves for Gr. 4 & Gr. 5 Girls
  • Khaki or Navy Jumpers
  • White Hijab for Gr. 5 Girls as part of uniform; for salaat for Gr. 4 Girls
  • Prayer Head Covering that covers arms for Gr. 2 & Gr. 3 Girls
  • No jewelry except tiny earrings or studs in ears.

Field Trip & PE Uniform

  • The Bayaan Academy T-Shirt is required on Field Trips and optional for PE.
  • Girls in Gr. 4 & Gr. 5 should wear a long-sleeve shirt under their Bayaan Academy T-Shirt
  • Sweat, sports, or yoga pants (loose) can be worn: Navy Blue, Black or Gray

Gr. 6 – 9


  • Khaki or Navy Pants (plain or pleated, no joggers) & Solid color, plain Navy or White Polo Shirts


  • Plain, Solid color Khaki or Navy Abaya with matching pants underneath. No embroidery, sequins or designs. Abayas can be ordered from
  • White Hijab. Must be plain with no designs, lace, sequins, etc.
  • No jewelry except one ring.


  • The Bayaan Academy T-Shirt (boys) and the girls’ PE uniform are required on Field Trips and for PE.Girls’ PE Uniform Top: top?variant=28916200702000
  • Sweat, sports, or yoga pants (loose) can be worn: Navy Blue, Black or Gray.


  • BOYS may wear dress shirts, different color polo shirts or traditional clothing. NO designs or logos. Regular uniform pants must be worn, even if shirts are not the uniform shirts.
  • GIRLS may wear different color abayas and/or hijabs.