Meet the Team

Our Administrative Team

We are truly blessed to be embarking on this journey which is Bayaan Academy and hope that you will be with us every step of the way.
As we strive for excellence in all we do, we know that the process is one of reflection and self-improvement.

Sr. Magda Elkadi Saleh

Head of School
Sr. Magda has been an administrator in Islamic schools since 1992. She served as Vice Principal and then Principal at Universal Academy of Florida (UAF) from 1992 – 2003.

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Dr. Dalia El-Deeb

Director – Hifdh Program
Dr. El-Deeb has completed her education in different concentrations. She is a graduate of Cairo University School of Medicine and obtained a Master’s Degree in Immunology from Cairo University in 1989.

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Sr. Samira Elsayed

Vice Principal
Sr. Samira Elsayed is the Vice Principal in charge of Records, Testing, and Academic advising. She is also the Campus Director at Bayaan Academy Morris Bridge.

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Sr. Naima Abdullah

Vice Principal – Bayaan Academy

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Dr. Sabeen Ansari

Instructional Leader
Dr. Sabeen Ansari has been with Bayaan Academy for 2 years and has been a dedicated educator since 2005.

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Br. Hasan Khan

Campus Director at Bayaan Academy Temple Terrace
Br. Hasan Khan watches over the staff and students and ensures that daily procedures are carried out. The safety of the school, as well as the positive morale, are among his priorities as Director

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Br. Ryan Fahey

Campus Director at Bayaan Academy Morris Bridge
My name is Ryan Fahey. I was born in Boulder, Colorado but I grew up on the East Coast of Florida. I hold bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and International Studies from the University of South Florida.

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Board Members

  • Br. Imad Dibo  Chairman
  • Sr. Sara Takiedine Secretary
  • Br. Shehzad Ali Treasurer
  • Br. Momodu Ali Director
  • Sr. Marah Dahman Director
  • Sr. Unaiza Malik Director
  • Br. Muhammad Azam Co-Founder
  • Sr. Magda Elkadi Saleh Head of School


Abdalllah, Linda Development & Marketing
Abdullah, Naima Vice Principal + Gr. 10 Islamic Studies   
Adly, Maymoonah K/1 Facilitator
Adly, Ruya Gr. 1 Teacher 
Akrayi, Awaz HIfdh –  Gr. 2 + Gr. 7 Islamic Education Teacher 
Alasfour, Tasneem Gr. 4 & 5 English + Social Studies Teacher 
Alaswad, Ashgan Hifdh Assistant
Albaba, Omar PE/Gr. 6 Facilitator 
Ali, Salam HIfdh Assistant     
Alladin, Ridwanah Gr. 2 Teacher
Alsayyad, Asmaa Hifdh – Gr. 1 Teacher 
Altamimi, Kawther Hifdh Assistant 
Alzein, Asmaa Hifdh – Gr. 5 & 6 Teacher 
Ansari, Sabeen Instructional Leader  
Antakli, Fatima Hifdh Assistant   
As, Abdulkareem

Gr. 6 Math + English & Gr. 5 Math Teacher 
Ashraf, Shagufta Gr 5 & 6 Science Teacher 
Azam, Naureen Accounts Manager 
Belal, Hala Hifdh – Grade 3 & 7-10 Teacher
Cheema, Asma Facilitator
Dashoush, Amal Hifdh Gr. 5-10 Teacher
Dehmani, Hanen Hifdh – PreK & K Teacher   
Eddekkaki, Sara

Gr. 6 Geography & Gr. 7 & 8 English Teacher
El-Deeb, Dalia Director of Hifdh + Gr. 7-10 Arabic  
Elsayed, Samira S. Vice Principal – Academic Advising 
Fahey, Ryan J. Campus Director MB + 7-10 Social Studies   
Gurwala, Asma Bus Driver/Facilitator  
Haddad, Omnia Kindergarten Teacher
Hussein, Ezdihar Gr. 3 Teacher  
Khan, Hasan Campus Director TT + Gr. 5 Islamic Education   
Khan, Sameera Director of Early Childhood + PreK Teacher  
Khan, Samreen Gr. 2 & 3 Facilitator
Mahmoud, Sawsan Receptionist MB 
Malik, Meena Gr. 10 English Teacher  
Mbarki, Nour HIfdh – Gr. 3 Teacher
Mustafa, Emira Bookkeeper 
Nass, Ibrahim HIfdh Gr. 7-10 Teacher 
Odeh, Amani Receptionist TT  
Rum, Asma Hifdh Gr. 6-10 Teacher 
Saleh, Magda Head of School + Chemistry Facilitator
Samhouri, Aya Gr. 7 & 8 Science Teacher 
Samman, Mariam Gr. 7-10 Math Teacher
Shair, Kefah PreK Assistant   
Sulieman, Nour Gr. 4 Math & Science Teacher  
Swidan, Dina Hifdh PK & Gr.  1 Teacher   
Tabbakh, Maher Hifdh Gr. 6-10 Teacher
Taji, Huda HIfdh Gr. 4/7-10 Teacher     
Tuly, Humaira IT/Technology Assistant
Yahya, Moosa SUFS/Security/Maintenance