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Our Administrative Team

We are truly blessed to be embarking on this journey which is Bayaan Academy and hope that you will be with us every step of the way.
As we strive for excellence in all we do, we know that the process is one of reflection and self-improvement.


Faculty and Staff Listing

Title Name Email
Head of School Sr. Magda Elkadi Saleh
Principal Br. Mohamed Salah Ahmed
Director of Hifdh Program Dr. Dalia El-Deeb
Vice Principal & Academic Advisor Sr. Samira Elsayed
Campus Director – MB Br. Ahmad Saqr
Campus Director – TT Br. Hasan Khan
Instructional Leader – TT Dr. Sabeen Ansari
Accounts Manager Sr. Naureen Azam
Dir of Security, Compliance & Maintenance Dr. Moosa Yahya
Admin Assist MB Sr. Sawsan Mahmoud
Admin Assist TT + Registrar Sr. Amani Odeh
Bookkeeper Sr. Aqsa Qureshi
PreK Teacher + Dir of Early Childhood Sr. Sameera Khan
Kindergarten Sr. Irina Baloueva
Gr.1 Sr. Farah Assad
Gr.2 Sr. Ridwanah Alladin
Gr.3 Sr. Ezdihar Hussein
Gr.4 & Gr.5 Math & Science Sr. Safa Ibrahim
Gr. 4 & Gr. 5 English & Social Studies Sr. Ghadah Benitez
Gr. 6 – Gr. 8 + Gr. 11 Islamic Studies Br. Ali Saadaldin
Gr. 6 & Gr. 7 Science Sr. Shagufta Ashraf
Gr. 6 & Gr. 7 English & Social Studies Sr. Melek Oyludag
Gr. 6 & Gr. 7 Math Br. Abdulkareem As
Gr. 8, 9 & 11 English Ms. Bethsaida Garrido
Gr. 8, 9 & 11 Math Sr. Mariam Samman
Gr. 8 & 11 History Sr. Melek Oyludag
Gr. 8, 9, 11 Science Br. Ahmad Saqr
Gr. 9 Islamic Studies Sr. Mona Aref
P.E – PreK – Gr. 3 + Gr. 4 – Gr. 7 Boys Coach Omar Albaba
Assistant – PreK (am) Sr. Kefah Shair
Assistant – PreK (pm) Sr. Sanaa Abdelsalam
Art Sr. Shireen Sardar
P.E. TT Campus Girls Sr. Mariam Adam
Growth and Development Officer Br. Zaid Abdelrahim
Facilitator – MB Campus Sr. Theresa Golike
Business Office Assistant + Bus Driver Sr. Asma Gurwala
Sr. Hanen Dehmani
Sr. Ashgaan Alaswad
Sr. Dina Swidan
Sr. Asmaa Alsayyad
Sr. Awaz Akrayi
Sr. Nour Mbarki
Sr. Amal Dashoush
TEACHERS – TT & MB Sr. Asmaa Alzein
Sr. Asma Rum
Br. Maher Tabbakh
Sr. Hala Belal
Sr. Fatima Antakli
Sr. Salam Ali